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April 2023

During my internship at the New York Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), I primarily worked on the fashion desk, where I was responsible for running analysis of the current programming aimed at supporting local NYC fashion designers. My role involved assisting in the first run of mens fashion week, a significant event that aimed to promote and showcase the latest menswear designs in New York.

One of the key responsibilities I had was to analyze the success of various projects undertaken by the NYCEDC in supporting local fashion designers. I did this by creating my own data collection design, which allowed me to gather data on various aspects of these projects, such as their impact on the local economy, the extent to which they were able to support local designers, and their overall sustainability.

In addition to my work on the fashion desk, I also spent time working on the sustainability desk, where you supported the team in analyzing the success of various sustainability projects. Here, you applied your skills in data collection and analysis to gain a better understanding of the needs of designers in the fashion industry and the ways in which sustainability can be integrated into their work.

Overall, my internship at the NYCEDC allowed me to gain valuable experience in the world of fashion and sustainability. I were able to work on exciting projects that had a real impact on the local community and gain valuable insights into the needs and concerns of designers in these industries. My work on the data collection and analysis also demonstrated my ability to design and implement effective research methodologies, which is a valuable skill in any field.

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