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Off The Cuff Magazine

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April 2023

Off the Cuff is Boston University’s only award-winning fashion and art publication, which began in 2013 after a group of students felt there was a creative gap on campus and across Boston.

I began as a lead stylist in 2017. I styled models for shoots, choosing items based on the theme and creative direction. Shortly after I began on the magazine I was promoted to Editor -in-Chief.
As the Editor of the magazine I grew an executive board of talented and passionate students. Our board lead teams such as photography, creative direction, layout, writing, and events. Together we grew the magazine staff to include over 150+ students, and expanded readership by 80%. We expanded beyond print, growing the vision for the magazine into media such as videography, music and large scale events.

I mentored my executive board and staff to help them grow as artists and leaders. Our staff was made up of students from extremely diverse backgrounds and interests, yet we were able to create a strong and united community where each student felt seen, heard and supported.
I lead cross functional teams in the bi-yearly print publication of our magazine. From theme, creative direction, projects, photography, writing and layout, I lead my team to help push their creativity and take their talent to the next level.

I also created and ran events with our events team. We hosted events around Boston, pairing with local artists to support their work and give them worldwide exposure as we expanded our online readership.
One event I was extremely proud of was our partnership with Adobe. A BU student won a movie poster creation competition, and I was tasked with co-planning the launch party event at a hotel in Boston. I worked with my events team and adobes events team to create an exciting event to celebrate this accomplishment.

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